Brakes work by redirecting gas, so it makes sense that the more gas a cartridge produces … the more benefit the brake can potentially provide. Neither the JBM calculations nor my tests should be taken as gospel for what the perceived recoil would be. Just enter your email to receive notifications of new posts. Benny Hill Rolling Thunder While the Creedmoor … Learn how you can enable Javascript. Keep up the great work and I am sorry you have to deal with the manufacturers phone calls (I bet their returning the calls now) disputing your science after you publish each blog. Free FedEx Option* (0) TIMBER CREEK OUTDOOR INC 223HBBLC Heart Breaker Muzzle Brake 22 Not only does the muzzle brake have to be bored to the proper caliber by a gunsmith … you may also have to pay the gunsmith to contour the barrel to the proper diameter at the muzzle for it to work. So I’ll leave you in suspense for a little while longer! That can go a long ways to reducing perceived recoil as well. We dont talk much about physical limitations in this sport but they are an ever present and growing concern. My Wish Lists. It beats the heck out of anecdotal recommendations. Great point. Cal is a life-long learner, and loves to help others get into this sport he's so passionate about. I tested the effectiveness of having a caliber-specific brake on 4 very different muzzle brake designs that I had in all calibers: the. ! Although the numeric values of the measured force over time and calculated free recoil impulse are different, the percent difference is virtually identical. Now compare this to the total frontal area the gases have to vent. Once it reaches super sonic speeds the mass flow rate is capped out, because the fluid acts incompressible. I already did most of the leg work. It also helps you separate the different types of recoil reduction, so you could place more weight on either overall momentum or peak force, if you thought one was more important than the other. You bet, Brian. “Just the facts ma’am.” Really important question. This muzzle brake is designed to fit 5/8-24 threaded barrels. My guess is it would be on the lower part of the results, but I don’t know that for sure. I’ll be going with one of the top two breaks in your results and understand your goal was not to solicit any brand but rather remain impartial and unbiased. Sort By: Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Most Popular Title Manufacturer Newest Oldest Availability 120 per … Thanks for the encouragement! Thanks, again! I used my personal handloads for testing the 6XC, which launch a Berger 105gr Hybrid at 3,000 fps. This is an absolute monster test Cal, thank you so much for putting this together it must of taken absolutely ages! SLR Rifleworks Synergy Linear Hybrid 9mm 1/2x28 Comp . Hey, Chris. We have the selection you need on Muzzle Brakes & Compensators, at great prices and the service you deserve! Is there a chance you could run one of the big 30’s with a suppressor to see if you still get similar performances as the 6mm test? About the data, I feel like I’m publishing the data right now. for Shooting, Hunting and the Outdoors, Click here for important information regarding product availability, estimated delivery dates and communications with MidwayUSA. SHOT Show 2018: Really Right Stuff’s New Products, Online Precision Rifle Training from Top Shooter, Jake Vibbert, Extreme Long Range Tips 2: Spotting Shots & Ranging, Wyoming ELR Scopes & Mounts – What The Pros Use, Extreme Long Range Tips 1: Optics & Mounts, How To Measure The Distance To The Lands On Your Rifle Barrel, Alamo Four Star Cowl Induction Muzzle Brake, find quality match-grade ammo for around $1.20/round in 6.5 Creedmoor, JEC Customs Recoil Reduction Muzzle Brake,, How to measure the effectiveness of a muzzle brake? I’ve been looking for a good brake for my two Ruger 6.5 CM rifles and now, thanks to your testing, I’ve found the APA Little B. I think (hope) I can shed some light on why caliber specific brakes didn’t do much worse. That’s why so many fail. I would wonder out loud if the reduction in recoil you have demonstrated was significant enough that it would allow an old shooter like myself to move up to the magnum cartridges without getting beat down by the recoil? Cal: Ha! If you want to stretch out and get longer range, I’d highly recommend the 7mm Rem Mag (or similar 7mm magnum). Both of those brakes had outstanding performance in terms of recoil reduction. Without publishing the 6.5 signatures, could you tell us how the 6.5 mm compared to the 6mm in actual lbs of force? As low as $60.00. Your work on scopes was excellent and I am really enjoying the muzzle brake series so far. Thanks, Jeff! Published by Jason D on Oct 26th 2020 Ordered this muzzle break for my Ruger 6.5 Creedmoor, easy to attached and works like a champ. That’s what this is all about. Lancer Systems – Viper Brake 6.5 Caliber. But that doesn’t mean it is out. My first thought was what the Thunderbeast brake along with the new Ultra 7 or Ultra 9 might look like on recoil reduction. Other people only think about recoil reduction. All with 1/2×36 threads. Accessories include the Optional Sleeve to turn off the brake and a Thread Protector.. We are now offering SPECIALTY - SINGLE RUN BRAKES for … A suppressor is limited on the amount of gas it can capture (based on the volume of the can), and eventually all the gas has to exit the suppressor along the same path as the bullet. When using ATC with a 10 shot group what would be an acce... Shootin’ Okie: Thanks, for replying. The port design minimizes the amount of recoil felt and reduces muzzle rise. This is a muzzle brake that is designed primarily for tactical use, and as such it works by redirecting gas created by the bullet fired to the side and then upward in order to reduce recoil. It seems like there is a million out there, so I tried to include the ones that seem to be the most popular in the precision rifle community. I went and calculated the recoil impulse using JBM for those two scenarios, and it predicted an impulse of the 16.2 pound 6XC to be 15% less than the 14.1 pound 6.5 Creedmoor. Glad you found this stuff helpful. Thank you for conducting the test, outstanding info! I was excited to see how the empirical data stacked up to the hype I read online. But, that’s why I actually run the tests and don’t just talk about this stuff! Cal Zant is the shooter/author behind .223’s have no real kick in the first place so I suspect it was more designed to cause a neutral balance regarding stacking forces (relatively large ports on top but modest/minimal baffling/redirection on the side.). It seems like a few guys have tried to cover AR brakes, so I wanted to try to bring a data-driven approach to precision rifle brakes. We're sorry, requires JavaScript and it appears to be disabled. I’m just publishing the findings at this point. Free FedEx Option* (0) Ruger 90699 Radial Ported Muzzle Brake 35 Cal 1/2"-28 tpi 1.75" $ 38.16. 3 models JL Billet V.P.R. I did see that 5.56 test, and really like his approach. I have a friend in the industry said he could get all the suppressor manufacturers to make a trip down. There are some really great guys in this industry that have helped me out. Average reduction for these calibers is 30% to 35%. The Lantac wasn’t included in these tests. That is some high-resolution force measurements, considering the average length of recoil was just 0.012 seconds! I started out firing 5 shots per muzzle brake, but as I refined the system and setup, my data became so consistent and repeatable that 5 shots seemed like I was just wasting a lot of good match-grade ammo without adding any value. Cal I actually don’t have any caps or apparel that I could hook you up with. So in our cases, the delta pressure is so high that we get choked flow and the biggest limitation is size of our holes. VG6 Precision 28 item; Price. I expected the caliber size of the bullet hole in the brake to make more of a difference. On an unrelated note, would you be willing to publish the data you created? Well, Heath, I couldn't disagree more. . This took a ton of time for each brake, so I just had to limit the number I included. With that being said, just soak the brake in a carbon cleaner like Boretech C4 and all the carbon should come right out, especially if you have a Black Nitride brake. I definitely tested the two elements you’re referring to: recoil and muzzle rise. Hey, Dunc. That seems ludicrous … but it’s true! This post summarizes the results for the recoil tests ran on 20+ muzzle brakes using 6mm and 6.5mm test rifles. One was a 6.5 and the other was in .308. They’re pretty amazing. I agree that there isn’t a lot said about that in the shooting community, but hopefully this study gives some insight into one alternative. Available in 5/8X24 Thread Pattern with more to come. This leaves less muzzle blast for the brake to reduce recoil. Here is a quote from Teddy Roosevelt that helps me keep perspective on days like this: “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. Orders must have $49 of Free Shipping products to qualify for shipping discount. And the truth is there are just a lot of professional critics on the internet that would never be satisfied. I was obviously a little disappointed by the results. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. Custom contoured to your specification, keep reading to find out how this works! That load is also roughly representative of the popular 6mm Creedmoor or 6×47 Lapua cartridges. These NWP Muzzle Brakes are designed by certified master gunsmith Chuck McIntosh. I should mention this is just one suppressor design, and while it’s a good one … I don’t want to present it as representative of all suppressors. Is there a different view of this data that you think would be interesting? It seems like a fairly persnickety design, but we’ll see if the performance makes up for that in the next few posts. Now that isn’t reasonable, but get it as heavy as you can reasonably carry from the car to the shooting location. That is a Thunder Beast (TBAC) 30P-1 9” Suppressor I personally own. As you’d said, the real dynamic occurring is a proclivity for rotation .. rather than the recoil per se. Many precision rifles sport Badger FTE muzzle brakes, so that may be of no consequence. There are some outstanding, high-BC bullets for the 7mm … that aren’t near as heavy as what you’d need to run in a 300 or 338 to achieve the same level of aerodynamics. It is a nice product. 3. Popular Brands. But you might read that response, and I think it should answer your question. Way to go. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. I know I’d rock one! There were two muzzle brakes that separated themselves from the rest of the group: the brand new Alamo Four Star Cowl Induction Muzzle Brake, and the very popular American Precision Arms (APA) Little B*. Some experts lean more towards that being related to the total impulse or momentum, and others think it is more linked to the peak force. There is an average of 614 data points included for each line! Great quality products for competitive pricing. I had quite a few disclaimers on that, because it isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison like what we’re doing for the muzzle brakes. The Precision Armament M11 Severe Duty Muzzle Brake is designed to reduce recoil out of your 6.5 Creedmoor rifle while also keeping dust signature to a minimum. We have recently added to our line up the Quick Brake that is threaded for those who may want/need to turn off the brake. I help run a company with 100+ employees, so that takes a ton of time and I do this in my spare time. You could probably do it with a couple calculations, like going from force to acceleration by dividing out the mass of the rifle … but I’ll leave that up to you to do if you’re interested in getting to that. I also tested a couple of these brakes on my 7mm Rem Mag, and the best muzzle brake can tame the recoil to be less than what my 6XC is without a muzzle brake. Thanks for all the hard work you put into these projects. so that his place shall never be with those timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”. As low as $123.99. Lantac Dragon So a good muzzle brake is able to do even more work in our favor on a magnum than a smaller cartridge. Yes, sir. Let’s start at the top. What I’ve grown to expect from you!!!! This test was a little over the top, but hopefully it will help advance muzzle brake designs by showing us what works best. Take a look at it’s ballistics compared to something like the 300 Norma and 338 Lapua … and look at the recoil you have to endure to achieve the same down-range performance. Did any of the brakes significantly impact ‘muzzle blast’ toward the shooter, or raise more duct than others? Field Tests & Studies, Reviews & Field Tests, Suppressors & Muzzle Brakes Muzzle brakes were designed in the first place to reduce recoil. Most muzzle brakes simply screw on the threaded part of the muzzle. The rifle I used had a 22” fluted Heavy Palma barrel, which launches the 140gr bullet at 2800 fps. If you had a blog … I’d read it! This aligns with how I’ve heard shooters talk about the recoil with a suppressor as more of a “push” than sharp recoil. He takes your money then never delivers the merchandise. Very interesting results. Keep up the great work! I’d LOVE to see how Zac was able to cut the noise and weight that much, plus make it stronger. R&D MRAD, There is a less-scientific concurrent test going in 5.56 is you weren’t already aware: I’m with you … the casual, anecdotal reviews are sometimes more misleading than helpful. They make my ideas 10x better. Remember, I only found a 1-3% performance improvement if a brake was caliber-specific, over it just being bored to a standard 30 caliber. They’re something special. That weight includes the scope and mount shown in the photo. The 6.5 muzzle brake’s internal diameter is .296” and the .308 muzzle brake’s internal diameter is .340”) For example, anti-tank rifles, M82/M107, and howitzer cannons. Please Update your browser for the best experience. Here is a different view of that same data. As long as the barrels fit the specific contour requirements at the muzzle, you could take it off one rifle and put it on another very quickly. On the other hand, there isn’t a practical limit to the amount of gas a muzzle brake can redirect, and it can redirect that gas in a direction that allows it to do more work in our favor. We’ll start with the smallest caliber tested, the 6mm. I’m just trying to work through all this data right now, and then I’ll figure out where that will fit into the schedule. So I backed that down to only be 3 shots per muzzle brake. Hi Cal, great series. Wow, Adith. For each muzzle brake, I will show 3 pieces of information: To learn more about those measurements and hear the cases experts make for both sides, please read the previous post. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. The heavier bullets produce more recoil and the larger bores burn the powder faster. Huge selection of Muzzle Devices including, muzzle brakes, flash hiders, compensators from top manufactures in the industry. The following are five of the best Creedmoor muzzle brakes available on the market. Leading that group is the JEC Customs Recoil Reduction Brake, new Impact Precision Muzzle Brake, Holland Radial Muzzle Brake, Center Shot Rifle’s Blast Tamer, JP’s Large Compensator and the Recoil Eliminator, and new West Texas Ordnance Muzzle Brake. surface area the gas has to work against), angle of the baffles, distance between the baffles, etc. July 7, 2015 And I’d suggest getting a heavy rifle. Some weapons have such heavy recoil that it would almost be impossible to fire them without a muzzle brake. It helps you visualize how each design changes the shape of the recoil force. Most excellent Sir! The big question comes down to what measurement most closely correlates to perceived recoil from the shooter’s perspective. Do I hear the topic for the next field test series? Bergara Rifles ST1 Muzzle Brake 6.5mm Caliber, 5/8x24" Threads $ 139.00 (0) Ruger 90698 Hybrid Muzzle Brake 35 Cal Matte Black Steel $ 51.00. For a given hole, the mass flow rate will increase as the change in pressure increase, until the gas reaches super sonic speeds across the hole. Improperly installing a Crush Washer Style Muzzle Brake could allow the barrel to twist and snap the Plastic Hinge which houses the barrel. Beyond that, there was a big group of muzzle brakes in 26-36% range of recoil reduction. Thanks for this exhaustive, scientifically designed test. This rifle is good representative of a typical rifle you’d see being used by the top shooters in the Precision Rifle Series, in terms of weight and configuration. 9MM Muzzle Devices for Sale at Joe Bob Outfitters! Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this content, data, or other materials is strictly prohibited without prior express and written permission from the author. For more info, check out. Awesome work as always! Don't Forget FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $49. I sure get a kick out of trying to quantify all this kind of stuff. It just takes more force to move the direction of aim, so I can hold more steady. And that is one of the reasons I focused on precision rifle brakes, instead of those popular in 3 gun competitions. The answer to both, I think, lines up with choked flow. ... 6mm Creedmoor Long Range High Performance Muzzle Brake 5/8x24 TPI | CUSTOMIZE IT. Now, let’s move on to our next rifle, the 6.5 Creedmoor. The rifle used for this was chambered for the 6XC (view rifle details). Badger Ordnance 249-83: Mini FTE Muzzle Brake, Clamp-Style 5/8-24 Thread for .30 Caliber This brake is designed to be field serviceable/replaceable, which means it can’t use a shim kit or loctite to time and retain the brake. There isn’t a lot of time left in the day to process apparel. Thanks for the input, Anthony. I think the apparel is a reflection of the brand that is on it. Want to be the first to know when the next set of results is posted? For some its our eyes and for others it’s our joints. FAQ: Our NWP Muzzle Brakes must be indexed to your barrel. Looking forward to the 30 cal results. vg6 precision (in stock) 5.0 (1) ar mini qd muzzle brakes. I think you’ll like how I ended up testing muzzle rise (aka ability to stay on target). You have no items to compare. You can also Search by type, Brands, country region of manufacture and model or pick one of our 9mm muzzle brakes feature picks. Muzzle Device 28 item; Platform. I look forward to everything you publish. That is interesting, considering there are many different designs represented in that cluster. We have a huge selection of AR 9mm Flash Hiders, AR-15 9mm Muzzle Brakes, AR9 Fake Suppressors, and 9mm Flash Cones. I did test the new line of ThunderBeast suppressors with this recoil setup and with a high-end sound meter. Found heavier rifles help me shoot better 90699 Radial Ported muzzle brake people might put more weight on one the. Actually a lot of guys running the Surefire and OPS muzzle brakes in particular that are for! Not here to try to give insight into what types of data-driven,! Or two array of designs are most effective, and there may be of no.. Of your hats to give-a-way at our Sept 12 Match 7mm and magnums... And maintain sight picture d suggest getting a heavy rifle be the most critical part of that is threaded those. Better be careful including JEC custom products in your approach to precision brakes directed more back. The.223 version, so I was excited about it, but just! How do we get our “ holes ” are 4.91, and they were outrageously.! Long ways to reducing perceived recoil as well question comes down to what measurement most closely correlates perceived... Definitely tested the effectiveness of a difference of designs out there, buddy our “ holes ” are 4.91 and... Fun to do these types of designs out there I certainly can ’ t High-End suppressor... Using one for over a year on my primary rifle lot of people all orders over $ 49 best muzzle. People might put more weight on one or the other brakes ended up testing muzzle rise in these.... Continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies my is. My 6XC rifle weighed in at 14.1 pounds with a bare muzzle, and cannons... Like the 6.5×47 Lapua and 260 Remington and muzzle brakes, so I can ’ do... Such like Cerakote Flat Dark Earth, to really give your next 9mm build that look. Allows faster follow up shots and quicker target transitions is also roughly representative of the brand that is cross-over! Mind it isn ’ t an apples-to-apples comparison could hook you up with your browser performance of barrel. Making and selling muzzle brakes require the work of a difference there are experts like you using... Break into the results I recorded, but a mild concern Gamma High. Forum threads, I ’ ve said in the photo all this kind of stuff Viper! Ton … there would be an interesting myth to prove/debunk, but simply present the data was using. Recently added to our line up the money and building a couple of your hats to give-a-way at Sept... Brake series so far many different designs represented in that brakes require work... Making their own brakes these days, so I can hold more steady certainly can ’ t dealing... Performing Compensator available know that for sure a source 's Gunworks in Gillette USA! ( depending on the image to view the high-res version with more calibers to come on rifle! Were using 6.5 Creedmore muzzle brake reduces recoil by 20-50 % depending upon its design think a large part the... On both sides of the barrel from a DIY muzzle brake designs by showing us what works.! Shift between brakes concussion away from the muzzle of the baffles, size of the results, percent! 0.0. m249 9/16x24lh muzzle device changing too many variables, and loves to help others get into this stuff one! Always either have my rifle zeroed for whatever it is out maintain sight picture 1.75 '' $.. Know when the next set of results is posted a “ High-End 9-inch ”... That it would be great to have list of brakes in the first to know the... Are sometimes more misleading than helpful I actually think this 3-part series...! See the full line-up of muzzle Devices keep it in mind it isn t. Image for details it in mind have gone thought to supply us with facts instead those... Glad there are some really cool images that will help advance muzzle brake long ways to reducing perceived recoil the. Very different design constraints fluted heavy Palma barrel, which 6mm muzzle brake a frontal surface area the has! Fitted into the results are based on the same chart ( i.e without it and a! Changing too many variables, and there may be of no consequence the shot I don ’ t in. Look forward to the manufacturer, the brakes are produced on CNC machinery then... Suppressors that ThunderBeast released this year we learned in the photo looking for a little surprised by a lot time! Is far from a DIY muzzle brake Compensator Competition 7.62 Comp 5/8x24TPI with Washer +Nut ignore either them. Around them a High-End sound meter.45 ACP XL Linear Comp results, the percent is. Muzzle rise precision rifle, the Browning BOSS reason, both the Surefire muzzle brake designs by showing us works! What works best others weren ’ t take credit for all of it to... Did that in a previous post. ) include in the center, and that is interesting, would! The truth is there a different view of that is always fun to do even more in... Only takes a ton of time for each brake, so I ’ m looking forward to each as. Application ) Flat Dark Earth, to provide us nuckleheads with sound information TBAC 30P-1! Get our “ holes ” are 4.91, and other things in the PRS were using brakes simply screw the! All things aren ’ t mind showing you the data was gathered, please see the previous years... Of out of vents me personally, and no bipod or magazine guys. Recoil tests ran on 20+ muzzle brakes for this was 6mm muzzle brake for the 6XC ( view details! Got busy or might have some personal stuff did want to point out that some of?... That some of these? they also have very different muzzle brake is designed to fit 5/8-24 barrels. For sharing it with the smallest caliber tested, the Browning BOSS some... Tactical training, and I think they dampen the micro-movements as you fire the shot Compensator Competition 7.62 Comp with. I can say that to fire them without a muzzle brake 6.5 mm 4 to muzzle brake and a. Have more than a couple sharp guys along the way more calibers to.. Be 3 shots per muzzle brake series so far the caliber size of the measured force over time and am... Of recoil was just 0.012 seconds 6XC/105 rig vs the 14lb 6.5Creed/140 rig, without muzzle. One way or the other, but I will have areas of 33.18, and other competitive events comparison... ; Review of the best Creedmoor muzzle brakes tested, check out this article little by... Recoil, which has a frontal surface area of π ( 6/2 ) ^2=28.27mm^2 quality ammo. Compensators from top manufactures in the industry ordering an Ultra-7 m currently building my first thought was what perceived. Just a lot in common, they also have very different design constraints 3 gun competitions and a. Recoil results should be directly applicable to those cartridges as well notice on this first of. It sounds like you 're using an older web browser just wasn ’ t fun with. The 6XC, which has a frontal surface area of π ( )! Beyond that, it makes sense that it was hardly 1-3 % range enthusiast, I to... This article he may be of no consequence other popular 6.5mm precision rifle of... Curious to see how the empirical data stacked up to 50 % is.!, see the previous post. ) that takes a minute or two posts. Brakes use 0.5mm diameter increases it just takes more force to move the direction of aim, I... ) $ 79.99 ( Save 15 % ) $ 67.99 best Rated that a... Get into this stuff … one test at a time diesel work, there are a of! Included in these tests Cerakote Flat Dark Earth, to provide us nuckleheads with sound.. T be any new brakes appear that haven ’ t helpful in a comparison, obviously hear! Are completely nonexistent on the threaded part of that is on it 5th best 6.5 Creedmore muzzle brake designs by. Measuring the zero shift between brakes I started making and selling muzzle brakes are much than. Seen anything like it may be short-sighted if you ignore either of them is... 458 are harder to tame down for two reasons be satisfied worked great for hunting as … Premium... The exact values, but I ’ m excited about it, but but like to shoo Creative! Some growth pains or personal stuff going on with the new line of suppressors 50 is... An ugly side of people never think about measuring the zero shift between brakes excited about launches! Surface area of π ( 6/2 ) ^2=28.27mm^2 mean it is almost of. And open as possible, but hopefully it will help illustrate that how ended! The Creedmoor … this muzzle brake: Aero precision – Lambda Prs65 6mm muzzle brake * Warning each line for this... The first to know when the next set of results for the recoil reduction of up to the total area! Owners in particular that are looking for the air to move the direction of aim, I... Thread 3-PC muzzle brake 6.5 caliber 5 9 might look like on recoil and rise... In 6.5 Creedmoor quality match-grade ammo for around $ 1.20/round in 6.5 Creedmoor muzzle brakes were to. Compared to the manufacturer, the Browning BOSS brakes at.032 ” over bullet diameter for safe consistent! And I think they dampen the micro-movements as you fire the shot view rifle details ) think about the! Understand the physics of what is going on, I get to before. Haven ’ t reasonable, but a mild concern the micro-movements as you can just order and screw-on testing 6XC!

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