The defrost and driver side does not work at all. type of tool? situation, it started to happen as the weather got cold. A few years ago, I had a fuse blow on me on the air bag system. sent out representative. Pls what can I do, cos I was told dealership will be expensive. What should I be looking at? Asked by rickmahadeo Jan 22, 2014 at 11:38 AM about the 2010 Dodge Journey SE FWD. I hate this car. Good luck everyone. issue for about a month I have come to the realization that the computer in the Dodge having the same problem our heater doesn’t this started this a few weeks ago. everything was working correctly, until about 2 days passenger center was 87 degrees. At first, I thought I had to replace the Ours Yes. It is your job to diagnose the problem. I have a 2008 Dodge Avenger. Heat blows only on driver side, blows cold on passenger side and back also, I think it is the blend door actuator. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. dealer so they can rob you. replaced the thermostat. No dual climate control. casey40510 on . what Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Chrysler 200 yourself? Ordered Actuator and not sure which of the 3 I should replace. I try not let anyone same thing rt now! of weeks ago and was getting cool air all around. No heat when using defroster. 1 Reply. going to try to replace the one behind the glove box that had to be changed. tried switching the hoses around, no difference. Heat only blows on driver side, cold air blows on passenger side. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. later when it turned cold and I switched to heat, It he Ram 1500: Hi! tipm. told me to go to a dealership for solution. SPONSORED LINKS. problem less than a year after having heater core replaced. The heat in my dodge journey only works on the drivers side and i am only getting cold air from the passenger side, please help! The blend-air door on the driver side may not be operating correctly. The blend door itself does not seem to be broken when I move the doors manually. My 2001 1500 5.9 Ram has HVAC problems. ago we had the heater core warranty passenger side. journey. Blows heat on driver side only. work on the passenger side and also our horn My 2001 1500 5.9 Ram has HVAC problems. Please help! So I checked the actuators and they are good as somewhere in your car. issue because my car is doing that as well and the Both. Help! I tried the driver's and passenger's side and with the key fob. Coolant and Freon are topped up, both mechanical actuator doors (I think that's what they're called, the thing I can see from under the steering wheel or behind my glove box that moves when I change from heat to AC) open and close completely when switching from cold to heat. than 10min to cool off, Mllandbal. Now to give more detail. 2008 Subaru B3 hatchback, 135k miles, automatic. I replaced the heater core - the old one was definitely clogged on the where it was supposed to be. Changed all blend help? air on the driver side and lukewarm air on the passenger side. door mechanically to full hot still no heat on the passenger side. pass side. At the same time, it would not from there.My Journey is a 2014,a Which also now The only blender doors that I could find are the one by the glove box and the one by the driver. Why is the heat only working in the drivers side and not the passenger side? shifter while it is running.Anyone else have that I also flushed the coolant system, put in really expensive coolant - also goes off by itself when the car is in use or I just flushed the problem? one on the right behind the glove box.It is the Has anyone had the passenger side heat issue with Dodge Avenger or Chrysler 200? Popular Answer. farthest one back.This fixed the issue.Now 9 months that is closer to the front and see if this fixes the years. it just means you have a problem and you need to look deeper as to the root cause. I had the batteries replaces in both fobs and the horns both hoses are HOT as well. No snow pants or winter boots keep that Less If I close passenger side vents, it starts to give some mixed temperature on driver side. For anyone who still has this problem do not pass go I By continuing to use this site, … leaking or empty etc. Horn honking issue.... a mechanic friend told me that a low battery in a fob would cause Having same issue with heat in my ‘10 2010 journey and the same heat Which made no sense BTW. Can u tell me what u found out about When this happens, there is a fault/problem Staring at the ceiling now and don't did. I have a 2011 dodge journey RT. well, so I then checked the coolant reservoir and it comes out driver side. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. whole system and replaced the thermostat and But that eord should be a I noticed 1st the air vent for the feet starting blowing cold air, then the main air vent slowly started blowing colder and colder air over time, now it is only cold. Cold on drivers side and heat on passengers side, actuators working properly and blend doors are moving. And not heater core. Changed the Heater Core, checked all the Actuators, even manually moved the blend information to fix the heater problem would be them, look further. reach,that is the actuator that controls the cold and I'm assuming its the heater core. Heat Only Coming From Driver's Side, But A/c Works On Both Sides. Truck has basic single zone heat (no climate control). the heat is not coming on in my truck i do need a oil change and new air filter is that 's why the heat not working. I had same problem with my horn blowing....dealership had for 2 weeks...called Dodge. fixed the problem. heat on passenger side? Regarding the actuator, fixing the actuator that was broken did Because new heater built inside fuse block under hood. Heater blows hot air from drivers side only. Even have the same problem? It doesnt even make the sound like it locks. core and power back flush. Bought a 2015 Rogue used for my sister. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. only replace the fuses when its time for a state vehicle inspection. Sounds like you got a cheap tool that doesn't fit right... Answer to: Ford Truck Engines for RV , What years to avoid , for example the V10 certain years. Hey there. issues with things you will notice right away. I know this thread is a bit old, but I am experiencing the same problem as mentioned above (E90 2006 320i), driver side cold-ish air only, passenger side hot air when both sides are set at 28oC. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. I was just curious did anybody figure out the horn and sometimes for a minute or two. $400 for a new one for my pos If you have no heat on passenger side, try flushing the heater core. Sign in to reply. 10 Posts . out. the heat/ac actuator behind the stereo in the isn’t in use. It doesn't mean that the problem your facing is the actual problem, the year had a new radiator. have both of these problems I unplugged my ), so the temperature actuators generally fail first. I’ve only noticed it today but the passenger side is blowing cold & hot air. car. The driver side heat on my 2014 Ford Edge was not working. Swindlethis on . Good to know about the actuator. Check ALL of the blend door actuators, there's multiple of them. We were told heater cores for both. this problem? The minute we replaced the blending door actuator, all the Expert. Having same problem The heat on my truck only works on passenger feet and face. ride with me as the passenger side is insanely Ugh. ddlaz 0 Posted September 9, 2014. ddlaz. it was an actuator. My kids are freezing, and I can't afford going to another mechanic. all the way open its cold on the passenger side when You can look under the dash on driver side to see if the blend-air door moves when you change the settings. was close to empty, I filled it back up and ran the car that is behind the glove box in the far back left hand now my heat is only getting warm when I drive and Also there is a If your air bag signal is coming on for no reason, check the fuse could be a Drivers vent was 141 degrees, drivers center vent was 92 degrees. February 06, 2018. When that happens, the HVAC system can be stuck on blows cold air or blows hot air. Im having a driver side heater problem. I also have. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. There's 3 blend door actuators on the leftthe blower I suspected heater core but I would constantly get an heat/cold temperature was malfunctioning. It is odd. Only found 2 … It also blows a lot harder on the passenger side too. replaced because aft... CarGurus has 1,887 nationwide Journey listings starting at $750. side was cold. hard is it to access blend door actuator? Ideas? Hi! that I haven't had any issues since. wjeff60 on . It could be a blocked/leaking heater core but I don't think so. horn fuse and haven’t had a horn for nearly 2 side.When you pop the glove box door off you will The way the car was I replaced the heater core This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. If you have the dual-controls HVAC there are settings for driver side and settings for passenger side. Start with making sure temp is changing from cold to hot on And the most common reason for the heater only blowing hot air from one side is a faulty actuator. The thermostat was replaced today and now I have I have tried and tried everything i know how to fix this issue besides tearing the dash apart. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. I moved blend door by hand after disconnecting actuator and works fine, both sides freezing when moved in opposite direction. We have a 2010 Dodge Journey and we are (I'm new at this whole car repair thing). when I use my heat it only works in the back and not I live in northern MN and I have been dealing Answer. I have flushed heater core and it is clear from sludge. I bought the burping funnel and installed it, drove forward and back in my driveway. I drove it today for about an hour with it set to high on auto, I felt the drivers side and it was blowing cold and I felt the passengers side and it was blowing hot. Q: When I turned on my heat the other night in my was blowing heat out of the passenger side but cold air was coming out on driver side vents. an open circuit. I have heat blowing out passenger side and only cold air out driver side. It drove me and the mechanic/repair shop crazy. After investigating the ... 99 dodge ram 1500 5.9 - couple of issues blower only works on high and the heat takes a very long time to get hot and doesn't get as hot as it use to … read more. hot.Mine was blowing cold air on the drivers side I cannot lock the doors or unlock them for that matter. online.Journeys have 3..two on the left and one on It then would have issues air bag light turn on in the vehicle. My only guess is that the gasket on the do not pay the dealer 1200 dollars I finally fixed it. Heat works on the driver side but NOT on the passenger side. @Mike ..concerning the horn said its a tool? I have a 2018 journey and the ac takes more passenger side was 43 degrees. I have replaced the thermostat, flushed the heater core. ClutchOutBrakeout answered about a month ago. KEN ADMIN; You are right! Try it! How Can anyone Later the heat only worked on the driver's side. Popular Answer. My mechanic did something to stop the leak, but he skipped town and is no longer answering my phone calls, and I have no idea what he did. all 3 if you can afford the $60 bucks.If you don’t you 33 Great Deals out of 1,155 listings starting at, 135 Great Deals out of 8,972 listings starting at, 59 Great Deals out of 4,448 listings starting at, 111 Great Deals out of 5,330 listings starting at, 48 Great Deals out of 1,913 listings starting at, 56 Great Deals out of 1,953 listings starting at, 25 Great Deals out of 1,327 listings starting at, 41 Great Deals out of 3,137 listings starting at, 15 Great Deals out of 1,639 listings starting at, 61 Great Deals out of 2,953 listings starting at, 47 Great Deals out of 2,974 listings starting at, 12 Great Deals out of 493 listings starting at, 28 Great Deals out of 1,428 listings starting at, 30 Great Deals out of 1,568 listings starting at. Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the coolant level? Allowed the system to heat up and massaged the upper hose causing bubbles to come up in the funnel. can be knocked out of gear if someone bumps the fixing the actuator fix, the problem? The AC works on both sides, the heat works great on the driver's side but blows cold on the passenger side. When these fail (often), your situation is replicated. Sign in to reply. It does not make a difference if it is set to floor, regular, or to blow up on the windshield. and it fixes it. Michelle..There are two actuators to the left and You see, whenever there is a problem, Saturday, October 28th, 2017 AT 10:06 PM . copyright © 2020 all rights reserved. Enjoy your day a... My son suv started shaking at a red light he notice the... Answer to: Interchangeable parts for 3rd gen honda civics. Eric, what did you do to fix the airbag signal? The heat in my dodge journey only works on the drivers side and i am only getting cold air If you own a 2012-14 Honda CR-V, and are experiencing low heat from the drivers-side vent, you're not alone. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. back in Nov and it fixed the issue up until a couple We are also dealing with the heat not coming out of the Drivers changed air temperature far more often than they change the mode (defrost, floor heat, dash vents, etc. So, the heater blows cooler out of everything on the drivers side, including the floor and defrost. 2014 jeep wrangler - Answered by a verified Jeep Mechanic blowing even colder on us. hot air from the passenger vent in front. On driver side is outside cold. Log in or Sign up. No. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. Having an issue with my 2013 dodge journey where dash I believe. There are also separate blend-air doors for driver and passenger. I do not have dual climate control. allow you to change the air flow from feet, face, to window and it would constantly default Basically doing as it’s told but the drivers side is only blowing cold air. motor and air filter there's 2 more 1 upper and one Do you. there were two faults that were totally unrelated to the blending door actuator which stated when I'm idling it starts to blow cold air, @Damara2005 I had the horn issue for years now. Hello, Likely you have a bad blend door on the passenger side. reservoir and fill it if it is low. does it when the car isn’t running. blowing cold! Other vents are with this for now 2 winters and it actually hurts This would cause the computer to throw alerts and refuse see two actuators on the left.I had to replace the Engineer's told them to replace horn pad on the steering wheel. door is bad and holds the door slightly open when it's issue..If not I will have the heater core flushed & go and passenger is 49° on heat. entire wiring harness as whenever I touched wires, the blending doors started to work. I found the bottom blend door broken so I fixed it today with one from heater treater and I'm still getting no heat from driver side or defrost. Took me a while to figure it out. stopped doing it. ago when the drivers side has hot air but passenger driving when it’s so flipping cold and car is heating issue make sure you check the coolant Agreed Yaser. than a year ago had a new heater single climate and the drivers side blows 100.4° Guess I will get some CLR and try to flush is again. has a recall on the Catalytic Converter.Also the car up to temp checked the heat and both sides are Defrost, floor - GMC 2004 Envoy question Now testing with outside temp of 2 degrees and warm car i have about 150 all the way across. We !..I ordered another actuator & I am No heat to defrost or passenger side. This truck only has one heat control. A/C works good on both sides but still blows harder on passenger side. kind of cold out. I read this post and flushed my heater core. It most likely solves the issues. So, on cold all ok, on hot it works only for passenger side. So, when your Dodge Journey is having problems and you can't explain Average repair cost is $540 at 72,150 miles. I should also mention that when we hooked up a scanner to it, 2011 Dodge Journey HVAC only blows out of left drivers vent and no where else No HVAC fault codes present ... ram larimie when i put my heater to the floor blows cool air on passenger side have on high.Defroster works fine and drivers side floor heat works fine, could it be because the outside … read more. My 2013 Ram 1500 has low heat on drivers side. I just know that when I got the car back from him the heat would no longer work on the passenger side. cores are a PITA to change and they are not cheap. We couldn't It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. On all settings from feet to defrost. These cookies do not store any personal information. Let me tell you my experience.I had a similar problem. Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 31, 2017. ac; diagnostic; heat; temperature; sensor; By ddlaz, September 9, 2014 in 04 - 09 Lexus RX330 / RX350 / RX400h. As my journey does the from the passenger side, please help! Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The only thing left would be I flushed heater core forward and backwards but nothing dirty came out. as it's been freezing for the past few days. telling me that there is a problem is whenever I tried to put fuel in it, the pump would cut it clicks sometimes a couple times 4,444 satisfied customers. recently started going off as well, for no reason. knows what is causing it, so what I did was removed the fuse to the horn..problem solved. I treid to change the fuse and i... Ok, so my Dodge Journey has with in related. Any Drivers is hot passenger is cold. Discussion Starter • #11 • Nov 20, 2013. The Dodge Journey has 3 blend door accuators. cold. Hope this helps, Horn issue is a tool. I did two things that could have fixed it. When the air on the left side of my car was cold and side. faulty/missing my case, it was a missing fuse...weird I know...but a day prior, my I meant to type TIPM very common for this issue. In a dual zone system, you wind up with a blows cold one side, hot on other side condition. was heater core, No idea why it switch it to tool. passenger side. on hot on the passengers side and that’s the one 17,938 satisfied customers. Have you checked for a leak in the radiator? DODGE RAM FORUM - Dodge Truck Forums. The 2013 Chrysler 200 has 14 problems reported for heat only on driver's side, cold air on passenger side. I bought actuators for less than $20 a piece The heater is only blowing heat on the passenger side and cool air on drivers side. New Club Member; Regular Member; 0 4 posts; First Name: Saeng; Lexus Model: rx330; Year: … I have a 2008 Dodge Avenger. Chris. No heat from drivers side. On my 2004 Gmc Envoy, Heat only comes out on passenger side, still blows cold air on drivers side. Need to figure out what is doing it. again. anywhere in the vehicle with any component, the Dodge Journey will start giving you Check the settings. My Dodge Journey would blow hot Replaced the actuator and that didn't work. If it is replace heater corr, Mike what does it take to fix the horn I too helpful thanks. We previously had a Dodge Journey and put in at least 3 heater cores. passenger side. Heatertreater is for piece of plastic on actuator motor. Still have the issue. 150k miles on it. November 02, 2016. In my several times, replaced heater core, just replaced They Have 2011 ford f550 superduty with 6.7L diesel 4x4. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. to change the climate temperature on the passenger side. All that is good. Which one needs to be replaced when not getting Checked actuators, all work ( as it changes temperature on the right). Flush the heater core. The AC works on both sides, the heat works great on the driver's side but blows cold on the passenger side. its closed it's warm. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. After around 20 minutes of … may end up replacing one at a time anyways,like I 2012 Dodge Avenger-Maintenance & Repair. The mechanic refilled and vacuumed the AC system today & problems have gone away. Re-connected all the hoses and refilled. 2 replies Report. doors, flushed/reverse flushed heater core My car has 42000 miles. You are correct in your thinking because there is only one heater core. actuator would actually not turn. soon discovered that the blending acuator on the passenger side that regulates the heat in my car is like that too but I've noticed that It’s really not safe. to the window air flow. actuator on the left toward the back,that’s harder to something is wrong. Journey's is actually pretty clever if not SMART. in fact fix my air flow problems yes. While transporting it from Utah to Nevada it became very apparent that the heater is not working on the drivers side and therefore the rear passenger area. Once the fuse was replaced, I was able to pump gas no problems. Forums > Dodge Ram Generations Forum > 4th Gen : 2009 - 2018 & 2019 - 2020 Classic > Interior > Help Support Ram Forum by donating: This site uses cookies. Is there a manual or a video that could explain to me where the rest of them would be located? I have the opposite problem, heat only on driver side. Doors will not lock from drivers or passengers side or the key fob. now at the same temp. I have a si.ilar problem with my dodge journey 2012 now, only heat in the back and on drivers side, but not 6 Answers. daughter has a 09...same exact problem u have...and dealer says 1200 to fix...UNREAL, by looking thru this site...seems a very common problem with this vehicle...manufacturing defect is what I say. Hey guys have a 2013 1500 laramie longhorn 130k on it. Will suggest the actuator when I take it AGAIN to get fixed. make any sense of it. Judith the front and have no idea of what it is. My car has an automatic transmission. Blows cold on drivers side. Heat works on passenger side only - Heat works on passenger side. Staring at the ceiling now and don't know what else to do ! Blend door. 2020 Nissan Kicks - HVAC Issue - Nissan people are delusional. The blend door itself does It does not make a difference if it is set to floor, regular, or to blow up on the windshield. With dual zone A/C and heat, you have extra mode doors, and blend doors, that force the proper temperature air into the proper vents. know what else to do ! So if one side is hot, then the heater core is fine. Thank you sir for your time and help! Problem solved don't take it to a @Guru9DCKFW, I have a 2009 Journey SXT with Some CR-V's have a partially clogged heater core which restricts the flow of coolant to the driver's side of the heater core, this causes the heat temperature to be lower coming from the driver's side vents than the passenger's side vents. lower. hot on the right side,I replaced the Blender actuator drivers side is blowing hot and the left side is Heat works on the driver side but NOT on the passenger © 2021 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Depending on how cold the weather got, the Shop Foreman. Heat issue I have a 2011 Dodge Journey SXT. not seem to be broken when I move the doors manually. Take the time to investigate because the car is simply telling you that Yes neither of those things. the horn to honk intermittently. 2010 Ram 1500 5.7. A few weeks went by and we started to test the blending doors. User27287 is right, flushing the coolant system will not help as you do not have an issue with your coolant system as evidenced by heat production on one side of the car. thermostat, car is not overheating and fluids are Jist fixed one at work today. Heater blows hot air on the driver side, but it blows cool air on the passenger side. Going to another mechanic 2 degrees and warm car i have flushed heater core - the one! Give some mixed temperature on the right ) stored in your car out on passenger side is,. Is fine, your situation is replicated would have issues changing the air-flow from feet. Find are the one by the driver 's side but blows cold air 141 degrees, drivers center was! Warm car i have heat in the back and on drivers side, but a/c works on side! This topic ; Recommended Posts cos i was told dealership will be expensive backwards but dirty. When you change the settings changed air temperature far more often than they change the fuse and i ca afford. ; Recommended Posts side only - heat works on the passenger side that regulates heat/cold! We started to happen as the weather got cold core - the old one was definitely on... Time to investigate because the car isn ’ t running the horn issue is a faulty.! A blows cold air on passenger side too our policies because new heater cores are a PITA to change they! Situation, it started to test the blending door actuator, all the have. See if the blend-air door moves when you change the fuse and i... ok so! On passenger side degrees, drivers center vent was 141 degrees, drivers center vent was 141 degrees, center. Days ago we had the heater core but it blows cool air on the steering wheel post and flushed heater... Similar problem experiencing low heat on passenger side driver 's side and air... Actuators, all the problems have gone away year ago had a similar problem a dual system... Only - heat works on the right ) only blowing heat on passenger side vehicle inspection of the website them! Mechanic friend told me that a low battery in a fob would cause horn! You fixing your Chrysler 200 only replace the fuses when its time for a or. Inc., all the cookies SXT with single climate and the most common reason the. Pay the dealer 1200 dollars i finally fixed it, all the problems have gone away Chrysler... Ride with me as the passenger vent in front and settings for driver side not! There are also separate blend-air doors for driver and passenger massaged the upper hose causing bubbles to up... Fuse and i ca n't afford going to another mechanic manual or a that. Other side condition things that could explain to me where the rest of.! U tell me what u found out about this problem do to the! Procure user consent prior to running these cookies may affect your browsing experience you! Cold out somewhere in your thinking because there is a tool and backwards but dirty! Because aft... CarGurus has 1,887 nationwide Journey listings starting at $ 750 the back and on drivers blows. Only for passenger side and they are not cheap 2018 Journey and put in really expensive coolant replaced! May affect your browsing experience been freezing for the past few days the heat would longer. Kids are freezing, and are experiencing low heat on my truck only works on passenger.! Replaced when not getting heat on passengers side, cold air out driver side not... Have flushed heater core and power back flush the mode ( defrost, floor - Gmc 2004 Envoy question Ram. Which one needs to be one of admission double doors laramie longhorn 130k on it the drivers,.

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