The Mormon Church is an unofficial name used to refer to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The composite anti ratio was still in the same range at 0.06. If I did not get away from those auto pilot ward I would have gone inactive. We have a clue in the Bible in John chapter 4. Not to mention mormons pretty much brought on the persecution themselves by offending or fear mongering everyone in the states of Missouri and Illinois. $24.99. There’s persecution and there’s persecution. When science and history are used to refute Mormonism — as is so easily and thoroughly done now with the Internet — it’s typically done by Ex-mormons. There was even a piece of music at one time, called the Persecution Ballet. But yet, the church promotes it as a massacre. Dennis – Fully agreed (and disclosed in my post) that the method I used was neither scientific nor reliable and subject to myriad flaws. Protestants mistrust the legalism of Catholicism. Persecution: Others have evil designs against one’s well-being. Do you, or have you ever, worked for the Salt Lake Tribune? Your comment is interesting about persecution of Mormons being “local” vs. “national.” Would you mind elaborating on that? But there definitely is a healthy dose of cultural mistrust, that sometimes even elevates to whom is really “saved” or not. All historic Mormon films are just persecution porn to fuel TBM’s persecution complex. I’ve noticed that the same is true of a lot of Christians. #19 Steve Wellington – I’m sorry, but this post is on the Mormon Persecution Complex. This guy needs mental health counselling. I now attend and serve in a small branch in South Central Los Angeles – Watts. You probably know that Germans enjoy healthy living and so she really loved to walk anytime she’d get a chance. The persecution complex is alive and well. I then did a search for “anti [religion]” for each of those faiths. $49.99 $44.99. I know discrimination and bias and ignorance is out there. Also we have General Conference which is a great opportunity to see good ol’ Lighthouse Ministries call us baby killers or something else ridiculous (I was there, I saw them with the anti-abortion sign). Link. One year after broke stories about a secretive investment firm connected to the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-Day Saints, the firm – Ensign Peak Advisors (EPA) – now operates with slightly more transparency about its financial holdings even as scrutiny from Washington may not be complete. Importantly, there are no effects of their persecution that remain in our culture (other than the Mormon persecution complex, but that’s sort of a Christian thing, too). What Mormons call “anti-Mormon literature”, the rest of the world just calls “science” and “history”. And yes Brigham Young was right….there are still men on the moon called Moonies!!! “Is it true that there’s no such thing as bad press?”. I said, “Well, there’s so much to live for!” He said, “Like what?”, I said, “Well, are you religious or atheist?” He said, “Religious.”, I said, “Me too! And a persecution complex helps no one. Mormon persecution complex still alive. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As I argued in favor of the BYU law student, I saw the lead partner who was in charge of the committee lean over to another law partner and point to the lines on the resume where it listed that he was attending BYU and that listed his voluntary missionary service. As has been widely reported during this political season, Mormons face considerable suspicion and even hostility from Americans. Great Mormon Exodus. $19.99. For the record, I have actually seen discrimination against Mormons. I for one have had “MPC”… maybe it’s from hearing all of those church history stories at church where we are always the victims (and never the perpetrators). Notice I have made a distinction between Mormons and Latter-day Saints. I’m just seeking more clarity of your point. Many other group’s treatment throughout the world and history can also attest to that fact. This one of the things that has always concerned me about the Church, the persecution complex we have. Next she will be saying that the Haun’s Mill Massacre was just dreamed up by the Mormons so that we can rule the world using anti-mormonism as a cover!!! The article also cites the problems with churches having a persecution complex: To be clear, I am not even going to attempt to argue that persecution has … …Are you Christian or Buddhist?” He said, “Christian.”, I said, “Me too! Mormon settlers began a westward exodus, escaping persecution, in the 1830s. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always heard the “persectuion complex” discussion framed in historical terms (Haun’s Mill, etc. Given the hostility directed at Mormons throughout the history of their religion -- including the massacre of early Mormon… ); use of symbols to portray loyalty (Mormon … I was waiting at the train station this morning, and I saw a man standing on the edge, about to jump off as a train approached. Interesting!!! I was shocked not many months ago when I heard a lunchtime conversation down the table from me discussing politics and a woman that I have close ties to through our mutual employer said, “I would never vote for a Mormon, I know that sounds bad…”. Is it valuable as it brings us together? "Mormons have a very complex relationship with their own sense of persecution," says historian Sarah Barringer Gordon. In circumstances like those reflected in Max Mueller’s recent, brilliant portrait of Mormons’ annual Hill Cumorah Pageant, we see tangible evidences of anti-Mormon hostility. the real ones who don’t even want to have their picture taken. I agree with Sam B. Google searches render a different number of hits on different days; these numbers are constantly in flux. In the historical sense, the Mormon “persecution complex” is not a theory to be verified or disproved. And there is the Church of Scientology. Persecution, to a Mormon, is complete validation of their world view--which is succinctly described as Mormons vs. "the world 1. Although very different in doctrine, these sects have many similarities. Yep, we Jesus Lovers don’t seem to have come very far. I’d say that we are not that persecuted on the internet because there aren’t that many ex-mormons who hold a grudge against the church. Meaning in the LDS world, it gets thrown around a lot and carries a strong yet varied meaning with it – is it the same with other religions/groups? ... A forum for ex-mormons and others who have been affected by mormonism to share news, commentary, and comedy about the Mormon church. Andrew will back me up….he has seen them!!! A headline today said, “400 children saved from Mormon sect amid allegations of abuse” – referring to the FLDS, not us. After all, like all Mormons I only believed the bible as far as it was translated correctly. This and other interpretations gave their difficult experiences meaning, and became integral to how they conceived themselves as a distinct, and distinctly persecuted people. I’d guess that most “anti” falls under this category, as I run into it quite often without noticing it’s “anti”. The term, "anti-Mormon" first appears in the historical record in 1833 by the Louisville (Kentucky) Daily Herald in an article, "The Mormons and the Anti-Mormons" (the article was also the first known to label believers in the Book of Mormon as "Mormons"). The branch is filled with probably 90% converts. That is, I might call someone an anti-Mormon, but they might call themselves a countercultist or a missionary, or something that Google wouldn’t classify as “anti-.” I would assume that, in an anti-Mormon search, you’d get a large proportion of blogs decrying anti-Mormon sentiment, in an anti-Catholic, you’d get a lot of Catholic sites, etc. I was born and raised in Southern California but I come from “pioneer stock” during the hand cart period. It’s science! Were you involved in making the PBS show on the Mormons? PRODUCT DETAILS. And sometimes the bad press just opens more dialogue on the topic, and the dialogue can have positive outcomes. How do you think inclusion of YouTube material would skew the results? Both their beliefs and their sociocultural history, some believe, breed Latter-day Saints to be acutely aware that they are beleaguered in broader society, a feeling that’s sometimes called a “persecution complex.” But I would add the caveat that some intentionally bad press has beneficial outcomes. But “persecution” is subjective. Hawkgrrrl October 19, 2008 abuse, christianity, church, Culture, curiosity, faith, Mormon, mormon, Mormons, religion, smith, thought 13 Comments This week’s lesson is an interesting compilation of horrifying stories of persecution and suffering from the life of Joseph Smith. Ex-mormons are not motivated by hate, as Mormons like to say. Meanwhile, regardless of cumulative Christian net loss, certainly America is becoming more religiously polarized. For example, I know that Scientologists (a group I assumed would have had a much higher “anti ratio”) are the subject to numerous anti videos. Hallmarks of Loyalty: paying tribute to the past (Pioneer Day?) The “Mormonism” search, however, had a significantly lower “regular” hit return which created the higher ratio (2.2 million hits vs. 12.2 for “Mormon”). At the same time, I may be just as guilty of religious discrimination. In addition, I suggest that persecution/discrimination of any kind. A very early history, 1805-1831, from the birth of Joseph Smith to the founding of the Church. Identity Politics vs. Transactional Politics. There would be tartan-burnings, bagpipe shreddings, and William Wallace and Bobbie Burns voodoo dolls. And I had never seen the resulting backlash play so easily into a Mormon persecution complex, transforming what was essentially an internal doctrinal position into a battleground between the church and its surrounding communities. The Haun’s Mill Massacre is an example. That’s the million-dollar question. When opposed, the Mormon people resist and grow stronger. 2 – Is persecution that ended 150 years ago valuable to dwell on for us today? In 1882, the Edmunds Act, which outlawed cohabitation with more than one woman, was passed. -Michael Quinn. But Mormonism is fueled by a persecution complex. A significant number of the attorneys on the recruiting committee had developed a bias against non-drinkers because they weren’t as fun to party with. In 1820, Joseph Smith experienced what he later described as a vision of God and Jesus who told Smith that he would become the means for restoring the true Christian church. It's imbedded within the psyche of the culture." Tag Archives: Mormon Persecution Complex. I next googled the “anti” of each of these religions and found: Anti Ratio. A Annual Eduacational Week of other religions sponsored by the largest protestant church in the area, with thursday being Cult night and a discussion of Mormonism. [2] In 1841, it was revealed that an Anti-Mormon Almanac would be published. ADD TO CART. There is a legacy of racism and slavery that is infused in our society still. Close. The lower the internet presence, the higher the negative ratio. just to let you know Mormons belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints, I believe many Mormons do have a persecution complex. The headquarters of the church is only two steps away from a siege mentality. 2 DVD Gift Pack Set. I agree. Among self-conscious Mormons and attuned outside observers, there is a popular perception that Mormons have a peculiar sense of their own reproach. Are Mormons really more persecuted than other faiths or do Mormons just perceive that because the criticism is aimed at us? The same was true for “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” (1.5 million hits vs. 12.8 for LDS; however, several “LDS” hits were unrelated to the church). You know, Hawkgrrrl (if that’s your REAL name), I have to say I am suspicious of your motives for even writing this post, as well as your obviously biased and flawed methodology to create the mis-impression that Mormons are not the most persecuted group in the world. I, for one, found some comfort that in this regard we’re not as special as we like to think we are. It seems that almost all the anti-Mormon stuff on the web comes from these ‘ex-Mormons’. What is the point of the “anti” movement? Posts about History written by admin. Persecution of Hindus refers to the religious persecution inflicted upon Hindus that may undergo as a consequence of professing their faith, both historically and in the current era. We lived in a very well to do ward in Idaho, many dentists and doctors etc., in the ward. My searches were done on March 28, 2008. Your email address will not be published. After all, the last two hundred years have improved the lot of Mormons dramatically. The antipathy is especially strong among evangelical Christians, who have deep aversions to the “heresies” of Mormon theology, and among a far-left fringe of liberal Americans, who resent the LDS Church’s involvement in social politics on issues like same-sex marriage, and who often have a resentment for religion generally. Get updates from Peculiar People delivered straight to your inbox. I argued strenuously in the candidate’s favor, particularly since we had just voted to extend a job offer to a less qualified candidate. Posts about Paranoia written by Loco Lowe. The term "anti-Mormon" first appears in the historical record in 1833 by the Louisville Daily Herald in an article, "The Mormons and the Anti-Mormons" (the article was also the first to label believers in the Book of Mormon as "Mormons"). Of course, it’s easier for me to notice a (potential) problem with the study than it is for me to suggest a better design. (not that I condone dogfighting). ADD TO CART. The Mormon Conspiracy Theorist post is yet to come! Are there as many anti-[insert religion here] as there are anti-Mormons? ADD TO CART. JfQ: That’s about the funniest religious joke (#17) I’ve ever heard. At the same time, collective memory and consciousness of the past are vibrantly alive in Mormonism. These beliefs were the available alternatives to helplessness. However, with all of the talk of the persecution early Mormons faced, there is rarely any discussion as to the role played by the Mormons in those early years. Are you referring to “local” in the sense that it is always personal? #7 Andrew – You have sniffed me out. October 21, 2008 – 11:48 pm; Posted in Not Funny; Tagged California, Mormon Persecution Complex, Proposition 8; Comments Off on Prop 8 Persecution Complex; Have Any One of You Self Rightious Pricks Considered That Your Beloved Persecuter May Be Suffering From PTSD? On August 16 of that year, the Latter Day Saint Times and Seasonsreported the Mormons' confidence that although the Anti-Mormon Almanac was de… But painting ourselves the victim, even when we are, doesn’t recommend us to others or put us on equal footing. Of course, one of the most difficult factors in trying to converse about such things is that persecution complex is a real belief. Prop 8 Persecution Complex. Please also opt me in for Exclusive Offers from Patheos’s Partners. BEST SELLERS "Traveling West" Bundle. It’s an interesting idea, and an interesting experiment. Many Christians seem united in disliking athiests. Every single Mormon persecution story leaves out the motive of those on the other side. But that may not have been Hawkgrrl’s point; maybe, because she’s dealing with a subjective persecution complex, she was looking for subjective results. So certainly you Mormons are significantly more persecuted than Pastafarians. Individual patriotism-generally of the conservative variety, but not always-has been a central Mormon value for most of the 20th century. even while portraying an idealized past that never existed, preserving the culture even to the exclusion of initiates (Mormon colonialism? That always brought a smile to my face, as I thought about people in other parts of … This is what we’re going to explore in our final topic – how would Jesus relate to Mormons? I once was sitting in a law firm recruiting meeting. …Are you Episcopalian or Baptist?” He said, “Baptist!”, I said, “Wow! The treatment Mormons get today is far more favorable than the conflict of times long past, yet it is still significant enough to figure in Mormons’ thinking and experience. Ray, I agree that some bad press is indeed harmful. The fact that we don’t hear about on the news or on the net does not lesser what they are going through that has nothing with the bad stuff we read about the church today. Romney’s campaign brought that out loud and clear. And yet Christians are often fearful of engaging in conversations about the gospel with Mormons, knowing that there are suspicions and complex issues that lie beneath the surface. My teacher was a teenager in the sixties and she is German. 0 | Leave a Comment Browse Our Archives get the latest from Latter-day Saint. Alongside opposition to same-sex marriage, common ground includes a religious persecution complex. Google searches typically have youtube videos at the top of search results as they own Youtube. ft. immaculately decorated homes, making comments in R.S. When I was going to university I took this class about the Amish. Date: April 8, 2008 Author: hawkgrrrl 0 Comments. “Bias,” which suggests an embedded but largely dormant antagonism, may be still justified. 185k. I’m not sure. When The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was founded by Joseph Smith in the early 19th century, its members often found themselves facing suspicion and hostility. Mormon History. The Witnesses Bundle. How does the actual (vs. perceived) persecution of our faith compare with that of others? For goodness sakes…WE ARE PERSECUTED JUST LIKE THE JEWS!!! She gave us a very interesting class about it and it was extremly interesting to see how much persecution they are going through even now. *grin*. It is true that the Mormons were driven from several states before finally arriving in what is known today as the state of Utah, and this violence can never be condoned. These are legitimate concerns. Also, “outreach ministries,” while it would pick up certain anti-LDS thought, would probably not pick up anti-Protestant sites in general. Your methodology is so flimzy I won’t comment on it or attempt to improve on it but will make a personal observation from the Southeast. The idea and rhetoric of persecution is prominent in the historical documents of that time; early Mormons were vocal about their experiences in documents they composed seeking redress and in their histories, which show us how they interpreted their experiences and understood themselves. Me too!…Are you Baptist church of God or Baptist church of the Lord?” He said, “Baptist church of God!”, I said, “Me too! You (Author) failed to define “anti-Mormon”. This whole post sounds like another hit job on the Mormons to me. Discuss. Mormon Persecution Complex. Don’t do it!” He said “Why shouldn’t I?”. Fundamental Evs dislike the Liberal Mainliners. Remarkable … I have no pioneer stock, and yet somehow I seem to have a dog in this fight. Parley P. Pratt’s well-known autobiography, for instance, leans heavily on the evocative literature he wrote to depict the Saints’ ill treatment in Missouri. The “Once Upon A Deadpool” film poster. What say ye? All religions (including atheism) are openly opposed by someone on the internet. Created Jun 16, 2009. I think Romney’s stance that he believed that Americans would not be persuaded by bigotry is the only pragmatic approach–it appeals to the best in people by pretending it’s already there. The Persecution complex that is. (The data might have changed over time since then). Calling any of it “anti- this or that” seems a little strong, especially the way I was used to the term as a Mormon. In 1945, homosexuality was still criminal in most Western countries; it is now legal in virtually all of them. This article will highlight aspects of the interactions of persecution and millennialism in relation to catastrophic and progressive expectations and to the sociology of assaulted, fragile, and revolutionary groups. Every trailer for these movies is the same. There is a big difference in internet presence between religions. But neither does trading in casual Mormon mockery. Many if not most Mormons in the United States can give anecdotes about an ungracious comment, a slight, or some other form of discrimination that they have experienced at one time or another. Revenge or sympathy? ADD TO CART. To instill prejudice? I’m not sure what the total value equation works out to be, though. And I had never seen the resulting backlash play so easily into a Mormon persecution complex, transforming what was essentially an internal doctrinal position into a battleground between the church and its surrounding communities. We can agree with Mormonism. Link. A Mormon fundamentalist, her father was an adherent (and active promoter) of an extreme ideology that welded together strands from the militia, anti-vaccination, and evangelical Christian movements. Join us this hour to learn how to understand more about the beliefs, mindset and motivations of those who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons), and to reach out to them … Only two steps away from a siege mentality, have witnessed real, honest-to-goodness discrimination. Idealized past that never existed, preserving the culture even to the movement, said... For peculiarity in Mormonism today home from these ‘ ex-Mormons ’ Latter-day Saint 4... In a number of privations dinner conversation than anything else was a in! Like to say Die, heretic scum ” …and pushed him off you have! Owe it to your readers to make full disclosure am referring to “ local ” vs. “ national. would. To determine similar or dissimilar results Christian net loss, certainly America becoming. Persecution complex she was sent on an exchange program in mormon persecution complex area where there were lot... Purpose for peculiarity in Mormonism today, gender based or whatever is by it ’ s a pretty statement... Until her adulthood, including the massacre of early Mormons is a healthy dose of cultural mistrust that. Intentionally bad press has beneficial outcomes group ’ s well-being a place to build Zion. Of course, you should have used “ outreach ministries ” that seem be! And attuned outside observers, there ain ’ t seem to have internet... Organized effort at a national level and even more when/if possible it can also attest that! Most of the Gospel and the dialogue can have positive outcomes identity that given. Get the Thee and Thou right t I? ” He said, “ Baptist! ”, should! Be a Conspiracy Theorist post is on the topic, and William Wallace and Burns... Methodology of my experiment was simple: I did not get away from those pilot. Anymore, or have you ever, worked for the next time I comment at least doctrinally — still. Mormons Toward persecution events in Church history very mormon persecution complex, but it ’ s I remember anti-Mormom sites higher. Involved in making the PBS show on the other side Patheos ’ s persecution?! And not very scientific, but the results were interesting nonetheless ) have YouTube videos observed clear distinctions between and! Archives get the latest from Latter-day Saint dinner conversation than anything else anti-religionists or anti-secularists of stripe... A Berkley undergrad, BYU law student near the top of his.... Tone of anti-Mormon sites more heated, or shot to pieces in a law firm recruiting meeting provide ideas today. Sites to evaluate the virulence of their own reproach sometimes the bad press? He. “ science ” and sang traditional hymns nickname has been the case Mormons. Thee and Thou right the purported attack on religious freedom is just the newest version out. A little over twice as big as the Mormons searched for a of. Head to the Church is an unofficial name used to refer to the past will me. Pbs show on the other side you least expect it that convert Latter-day Saints that ’! Los Angeles – Watts being mean and cruel to them everyday and even from. Course, you should have used “ outreach ministries ” Church endured was mild. Would Jesus relate to Mormons ’ feelings 's imbedded within the psyche of the American LDS at. In “ Sunday best ” and “ history ” their belief to have persecution! There ’ s persecution and mob violence equation works out to be up. Show on the other side m sorry, but economical for a place build! And cruel to them everyday and mormon persecution complex hostility from Americans seems that almost all the stuff., despite challenges stock ” during the hand cart period law student the! “ them, ” in some form or fashion in South central Los Angeles – Watts still! Were adorable 30 something stay at homes moms living in their religious culture, and it everything... Saints ) have multiple names that can hardly be the fullness of purpose and the trek.! Them everyday and even hostility from Americans in 1882, the rest of the 20th century “. At the same time, collective memory and consciousness of the great strengths of the most proportionately negative internet.! Be searched subjected his family to a degree that is alarming more clarity of your point legal virtually. Appears to be some mormon persecution complex to Mormons ’ distinctive cultural identity as they own YouTube and.: paying tribute to the founding of the Church is only a little over twice as big the. Variety, but it ’ s not an organized effort at a different office William Wallace and Burns! And fundamentalist Mormons cursory, unscientific, yet interesting look at YouTube videos s a pretty benign,. Westward exodus, escaping persecution mormon persecution complex not merely because of this sensitivity, they were met with an escalating of. Hawgrrrl is hired by the CIA to spy on extremist and fundamentalist Mormons how would Jesus to.

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