Running Start students are subject to the same state, district, and Eastlake Graduation Requirements. **  To enroll in mathematics classes, student must place into college level math. Running Start lets you complete up to 2 years of college while you're still in high school. Be at least 16 years old upon admission to the program, or turn 16 during the first quarter of enrollment in Running Start. State Testing Information. Successful completion of college level courses (numbered 100 and above) yields college credit and can also be used to satisfy high school requirements. Private school and home-schooled students are welcome to apply! Running Start students should be enrolled full-time between the high school and college, but should not over-enroll or take too few classes. IMPORTANT FALL 2019 INFORMATION . If you attend Summer Quarter (see admission requirements) you must pay your own tuition. Running Start students attend regular LCC classes during the day, in the evening, or online, along with regular college students. 2019 Fall Orientation/Info Presentation. Courses offered through the Running Start program are college courses taught at high schools by teachers who have college-level teaching credentials and use a college syllabus and course materials. Graduation Requirements, Running Start, Scholarships Graduation Requirements. Due to the cohort nature of Seattle University's Nursing program, freshmen have the opportunity to be reviewed for both the 4-Year Program and the 2-Year Transfer Program. Learn from instructors with a lot of online teaching experience. Running Start is a great way to make attending college affordable because tuition is free! If you know what your major or area of interest please list that. Jumpstart your career path today with these admissions, advising, and registration resources. All materials must be submitted together or your application will be placed on hold. (360) 792-6050Contact Us. Join Running Start Earn college credits when you take SPSCC classes online this fall. Competitive applicants will be invited to interview with the College of Nursing in early January. Running Start is a Washington State program that allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to enroll tuition-free in community college courses while completing high school diploma requirements. Save time and money Running Start students are responsible for obtaining information listed in the high school daily bulletin (available on the EVHS web site) and for checking their file in the Counseling Center. OC Shelton:  Palmer Student Center, 1600 Chester Avenue Running Start is a statewide college program for academically qualified juniors and senior high school students to enroll in courses to fulfill high school graduation requirements and earn college credit. Whatever your financial situation, OC can assist you in meeting your academic goals through financial aid, scholarships and grants, work-study programs, and internships. Running Start is a dual credit program intended to provide students with the opportunity of attendance at certain institutions of higher education and the simultaneous earning of high school and college/university credits. Safe Start Health Check screening. Running Start students and their families do not pay tuition. There is a minimum wait time of at least 48 hours between testing re-takes. Spaces for Running Start applicants to the 2-Year Transfer program are very limited. English Placement . Find what you need for your education at OC. Click ... with them approximately one month into each quarter to discuss what high school graduation requirements you may need the following college quarter. Class of 2019. If you're an eligible high school junior or senior, apply for Cascadia's Running Start Program to earn college credit tuition free while you fulfill Washington State high school graduation requirements. Eligible students can participate for a maximum of 6 quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring quarters of the Junior and Senior years). Olympic College Admitted freshmen to the 4 Year Program are only guaranteed to begin the nursing sequence in the spring quarter of their sophomore year, typically their sixth quarter at Seattle University. The goal is that more students will be better prepared to meet the current demands in their working and personal lives. Build community and leadership through OC’s vibrant network of organizations, student government, athletics, multicultural programs and outreach. What to bring to your assessment appointment: Students who place into English Composition I (ENGL&101)* qualify for Running Start to enroll in college classes other than mathematics. ** Students who do not place into college-level English and/or math, who want to experience a collegiate environment while continuing to develop their computation and reading/writing skills outside of Running Start may enroll in a limited selection of Olympic College courses identified below: Submit the following materials to the Running Start Office. The credits earned from these courses are generally transferable to other colleges and universities, while also satisfying high school requirements. Applications received before May 15th will receive priority processing, Applications recieved after May 15th will be processed in order received, Applications will be accepted until September 16th. Indicate Running Start as your student type. If you start or continue college after leaving high school, apply as a transfer applicant using the transfer application. Running Start is a program that allows 11th and 12th grade students to take college courses at Washington's 34 community and technical colleges. In accordance with State rules, there is no Running Start in the Summer quarter. Most students complete an assessment to demonstrate they are prepared for college-level coursework. Apply as a first-year applicant by the November 15th Early Action Deadline, Complete a Nursing Supplemental application by the December 1 Transfer BSN Deadline, Skip to Apply, Request Info, Jobs, Contact links, Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture, Transfer BSN and Diagnostic Ultrasound Info Sessions. With three campuses spanning Kitsap and Mason counties, OC provides the options to serve these areas and every point in between. Culminating Projects: All Running Start seniors are required to complete and present a Culminating Project. College level math placement is not required for Running Start admission. Students may take each section of the assessment three times in one calendar year. Running Start Program Requirements To qualify for Running Start: You must be a Junior or Senior as determined by your high school and/or school district. Running Start Eligibility Requirements Students who want to enroll in Running Start MUST: be under the age of 21 at the beginning of the school year be classified as a junior or senior in Washington Running Start is available fall, winter and spring quarters. Running Start is a statewide partnership between Whatcom Community College and local high schools in Washington, allowing high school juniors and seniors to attend WCC tuition free, with credits counting for both high school and college. Applicants who are not admitted to the transfer cohort will be automatically considered for the 4 Year program and will be notified of their admission in early March. The fee is required each time a student takes the assessment. All Rights Reserved. Students may take just one class per quarter, or take all of their courses on the Clark College campus, earning both high school and college credit for all completed courses. CC is now taking applications for winter Running Start classes. Running Start Information Session Q&A. Discuss the total academic picture with your high school and college counselors. Review your assessment scores. Class of 2018. Running Start offers benefits to high school students: The Running Start program is available in fall, winter, and spring quarters. Students in the program attend regular day or evening college classes. Eligibility for Running Start at LWTech requires the approval of the student's high school and parents, qualify for English 101 based on the LWTech Self Guided Placement Assessment or one of the other options for English placement described under LWTech Placement Options. Your first step to deciding if Running Start is right for you is to view our Information Session Video and then attend a Running Start Information Session Q&A where you can ask any questions you might have. As amended, the provisions of the “Choice Act” that pertain to Running Start are codified at RCW 28A.600.300 to RCW 28A.600.400. You will receive an OC Identification Number (EMPLID) from the Admissions Office. Students qualify for the Running Start program based on their writing proficiency. If you are home schooled, or a in a private school, you will need to enroll in your neighborhood public high school as “intent to home school”. Class of 2017. You can enroll in courses to fulfill high school graduation requirements and earn college credit. OC is committed to your success and personal enrichment. This is recommended as a first step but does not have to be done before the rest of the steps below. We partner with all Mid-Columbia high schools, along with surrounding school districts, including Prosser, Connell, Columbia, Kahlotus, Finley, Kiona-Benton, Omak and Grandview. College level math placement is not required for Running Start admission. EWU Course Equilavency Guide - Running Start *Subject to limitations noted in the "About Running Start" presentation. Running Start is a program in which high school juniors and seniors take courses at a community college as a part of their high school program. Admitted freshmen to the 4 Year Program are only guaranteed to begin the nursing sequence in the spring quarter of their sophomore year, typically their sixth quarter at Seattle University. Apply Now for Winter. College credit is granted upon completion of the course requirements, and these credits normally transfer to most colleges and universities. *New - ENGL 101, English Composition I - Eligibility Options. OC enriches our diverse communities through quality education and student support. What Is Running Start? Students enrolled in the Running Start program on campus are able to take college courses tuition-free during the fall, winter, and spring quarters. All public high school students are required to meet statewide graduation requirements in order to earn a diploma. Running Start Office The Running Start program allows students to attend classes on the WSU Tri Cities campus and receive both high school and college credit simultaneously. Meet minimum placement requirements, see below for more information. Apply now to get in on the action. English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Mathematics, Engineering, Sciences & Health Division, SOAR -Student Orientation to Advising & Registration, Confidentiality of Student Records (FERPA), Office of International Education & Study Abroad. Bremerton, WA 98337-1699 A local high school, charter school or tribal compact school could choose to offer students the opportunity to access their online Running Start class(es) on the high school campus, but must be sure not to exceed the 1.2 FTE limitation when claiming the st udent for the time s/he is present on campus. Those that will enter Seattle University's nursing program with advanced credit, from Washington State Running Start or other similar programs,  can be considered for both cohorts: *Running Start students interested in being considered for the 2-Year Program must contact their Admissions Counselor. ** To enroll in mathematics classes, student must place into college level math. Complete your daily If you are unsure, select Associates of Arts - DTA, (this can always be changed in the future.). Credit earned by Running Start students may apply to both high school graduation and toward future college degree completion at state colleges and universities in Washington. This expectation is enforced through a Running Start block on their ability to register, once they have met with a Running Start advisor, the block is removed. Running Start allows academically eligible high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn college credit while fulfilling high school graduation requirements. 2018 Fall Important Dates. Students with disabilities may contact Access Services for information about assessment accommodations. (You are considered a freshman applicantin this circumstance; once you enroll as a student, your college credit may qualify you for sophomore or junior standing.) Take classes, earn certificates or two-year degrees, apply to one of OC's four-year programs, or work with one of the college's university partners. SUBJECT: Running Start Program – Questions and Answers The Running Start Program was initiated by the Legislature as a component of the 1990 parent and student “Choice Act” (Chapter 9, Laws of 1990, 1st Ex. OC Poulsbo:  Student Services Office, Room 114 Check your degree progress, access your student email, or view available OC services. Sess.). Freshmen applicants to the 2-Year BSN program must meet all prerequisite requirements. Copyright 2021 Olympic College. If you are applying for the autumn quarter of the year you graduate from high school, apply as a freshman. Graduation Requirements. Running Start classes place an increased demand on students, so it is important to monitor their class loads. Educational Options‎ > ‎ Running Start. How many quarters can I be in Running Start? Running Start Advising At Olympic College, Running Start students are required to meet with a Running Start advisor every quarter. Applicants will receive instructions to set up a Seattle University application portal once they have submitted the Common Application. New Running Start Student Information and Steps What is Running Start? They are responsible for mandatory fees, books and transportation. Class of 2020. A current government or school-issued photo identification, Your OC Student Identification Number (SID) or SSN, Smart Balanced ELA taken in High School - Level 3 or 4, High School Cumaulative GPA of 3.0 and 3.0 (B) in 1st Semester (Fall Term) of High School English Class (AP, Pre-AP, Honors, Regular), High School GPA x 200 +  Reading and Writing PSAT = 1100+, (example: GPA 3.0, PSAT 550,  3.0 x 200 + 550 = 1150), Classes designated as "Skills Performance (H/SP)": Specific ART, DRMA, MUSC courses, Physical Education Department Classes:  Any PE-FSP or PE-RD, General Studies Department Classes:  Any GEN-S, Copy of your high school transcript (unofficial copy is OK). Students from private schools can achieve the same results as Running Start by enrolling in Early Admit Program if their high school principal is willing to award high school credit. Students may enroll in both high school and college classes or solely in college classes. Review the information carefully and follow the steps below. Placement scores are valid for two years. Students who place into English Composition I (ENGL&101)* qualify for Running Start to enroll in college classes other than mathematics. Download the Application Packet located above or request a copy from your high school counselor or the Running Start Office. Running Start was initiated by the Legislature as a component of the 1990 parent and student Learning by Choice Law. Welcome to the Running Start program at SPSCC! The Running Start program is intended to provide students a program option consisting of attendance at certain institutions of higher education and the simultaneous earning of high school and college/university credit. To be eligible for Running Start, students must have at least a 2.0 high school GPA and place into English 101 and Math 085. Class of 2021+ New Students. Students earn both high school and college credits for these courses. Senior Information. Seattle University is pleased to offer the opportunity for direct entry for highly qualified applicants to our majors at the time of admission. Running Start is mandated by the State of Hawaiʽi and is a partnership between the Hawaii State Department of Education, University of Hawaiʽi system, and GEAR UP. Running Start is a state program for academically qualified juniors and senior high school students. Spaces for Running Start applicants to the 2-Year Transfer program are very limited. You must be currently enrolled in a Washington State public high school. The Running Start program enables high school students to take community college courses for dual high school AND college credit. Running Start Student Resources and Forms Running Start Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Ocean Research College Academy (ORCA) EvCC's ORCA program is a two-year, full-time program and option for Running Start students. Getting started is (usually) the hardest part, but OC makes it simple. 1600 Chester Avenue Running Start Quick Start Guide As a junior or senior in high school, you can also enroll in college-level classes (100 level or above) at Highline through the Running Start program. Running Start provides academically motivated students an opportunity to take college courses as part of their high school education. Students enrolled in Running Start spring courses will not be given a diploma until an official transcript is received from the community college or school. OC Bremerton:  Humanities and Student Services Building, Room 208 Students can either schedule to take the Accuplacer assessment for Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, and mathematics, or use their Smarter Balanced Assessment scores of 3 or 4 for course placement. 4/18/19 Information Meeting for Students 2019-2020 Enrollment Steps. Students must be eligible for Engl& 101 to participate in Running Start. They will also assist you in completing your quarterly Enrollment Verification Form. Bremerton, WA  98337-1699, In Person: With careful planning, these classes will apply to both your high school graduation requirements and your college degree. It's the perfect time to become a Running Start student! Running Start is a statewide program that allows high school juniors and seniors to attend community college tuition-free, earn college credits, and transfer to most Review your assessment scores. Fee:  $20 non-refundable due when you schedule online.

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